Functional Training 

Hardcore Gym is proud to present Functional Training like you have never experienced before!

Flip tyres, smash sledge hammers, push weight loaded wheel burrows, pull weight loaded sleds, demolish medicine balls, thrash battle ropes, squat bars,  lift bars, lunge bars, shift sand bags, punch a bag , kick a bag, climb monkey bars, lift stone balls, race up & down our indoor sprint track, swing a few kettle bells, hang off some suspension ropes, heave yourself up some chin up bars, leap over  plyometric boxes, harness yourself and run, wear a weights vest & create extreme intensity, dodge your way through some agility ladders, beat the clock, beat your mate or beat the group, challenge the beep test, design your own challenge, create your own circuits, join our circuits, train alone, train with a mate, train in our groups, bring your own group, variety is never ending & there certainly are "NO LIMITS" at HARDCORE GYM.


Leading our Functional Training Class is Moussa Hijazi. With a background in Muay Thai & Sports Science, Moussa has been part of Team Hardcore since 2004 with 5 years experience in Personal Training. Being involved in Sports since the age of 8 he furthered this passion into a Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and is a Exercise Scientist & member with ESSA (Exercise and Sport Science Australia) accreditation. Specialising in Speed, Power and Agility training as well as Functional and Sport specific training Moussa is ready to ADVANCE you to an ELITE athlete level!

*Juniors under the age of 8 must be accompanied by parents/guardians