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10 Ultimate Training Techniques for Strength & Muscle Growth

Updated: Apr 26

Training technique for strength and muscle growth

Eccentric training might sound like one of those new exercises that are hyped at the gym, but it is something you usually do or at least prefer some days. Eccentric movement is associated with the lengthening phase of an exercise like the one you do while descending your bicep curls. Training through eccentric techniques adds strength to the body while increasing muscle growth. So here are the top 10 eccentric training techniques to help you strengthen muscle growth.

#The Slow 3-5 Eccentric Reps

The 3-5 seconds eccentric technique is the most basic form of eccentric technique. While following the 3-5 eccentric technique for the first time, it is advisable to use less weight than what you are accustomed to controlling the length of the motion. This eccentric technique is excellent for strength training and hypertrophy protocols.

#Eccentric Isometrics

Eccentric isometrics are lifting techniques that involve a slow negative portion of lift followed by an isometric hold in a stretched position. Then it is finished with a fast concentric movement. This technique helps improve the time under tension at a specific joint angle.

#Super slow eccentric

The super slow eccentric technique involves super slow lifting that is usually 10-30 seconds. It involves long-range exercises like squats, chins or dips.

#Combination style reps

In combination style reps, the concentric portion of reps is followed at the weakest. In this technique, different exercises are combined with strengthening the body mechanically.

#Combining bilateral concentric and unilateral eccentric

Combining bilateral concentric and unilateral eccentric style works excellent with pulley and machine exercises. In this technique, the user needs to lift both limbs concentrically, pause for a few seconds, then follow the eccentric moves. Leg press, squat curl machine, and lying leg curl exercise work best with this technique.

#Forced reps

Forced eccentric reps is a technique in which failed reps are performed with lighter weights under the trainer's assistance through a concentric range. This technique helps in maintaining the tension on the intended muscles.

#The 12+3 rep technique

The 12+3 technique is a practical strength training with a standard rep of 12 followed by a quick controlled tempo. After the last rep is finished, it is followed by 3 eccentric reps with increased weight. This technique helps in strengthening the muscles.

#The 4+2 rep technique

The 4+2 technique is considered close to the 12+3 technique but is more effective than it. Slow eccentric reps with higher weights are performed after 4 reps to elongate the muscles.

#Negative singles eccentric

The single negative technique is purely eccentric. In this method, we usually do not follow concentric methods. Instead, a single rep is performed using a heavyweight and is put down slowly.

#Overloaded eccentric

This technique uses a unique training accessory called an eccentric hook for the entire workout. The length of the hook is adjusted depending upon the weight hanging. This method is best for muscle strengthening.


Training through these techniques helps build confidence and adds strength to your muscles. However, these techniques should be performed under qualified professionals, so you do not feel burnt out.

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