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5 Ways to Get (and Stay) Motivated to Lose Weight

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Diet and exercise are essential for weight reduction. One without the other, however, will only get you so far since you need to burn more calories than you take to lose weight. Consuming fewer calories each day may help you lose weight without exercising, but eventually, you hit the dreaded weight-loss plateau. It takes significant, long-term lifestyle adjustments to lose weight and keep it off; some people have a harder time making these changes than others. For many people, the largest barrier to weight reduction is a lack of drive.

Following are the five ways to stay motivated to lose weight:

  • Establish SMART objectives.

Create realistic objectives using the SMART technique, and can monitor the progress. SMART is short for:

  1. Specific: Avoid establishing excessively ambiguous objectives.

  2. Measurable: Establish objectives that are simple to measure, such as increasing the workout time or step count.

  3. Attainable: Set specific, attainable goals first, and then broaden from there.

  4. Relevant: Check that each objective is directly related to the overarching ambition to reduce weight.

  5. Time-bound: Set a due date for each objective. As a result, you are held responsible and the progress is tracked.

  • Make a buddy.

Having support from others makes weight loss simpler, particularly if can locate a group of individuals who share the objectives. When having a hard time staying motivated, teaming up with friends or family members who want to lose weight might help. Also can also keep each other responsible.

  • Cultivate mindfulness

Being attentive implies paying attention to the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations and how these influence the actions.

Mindfulness may be an effective strategy for creating wholesome eating habits and lifestyle choices. This is so that we may slow down, pay attention to our feelings, and shut out distractions.

  • Make working out enjoyable

Exercise may be difficult. The greatest method to exercise is to pick a regimen and can stick with and enjoy:

Many dance exercises, like Zumba, are available online if person enjoys dancing. If prefer to work out outside, go for longer and faster walks.

  • Think about maintaining a food journal.

Keeping a food journal holds accountable and identifies areas for improvement. Also individual can identify patterns or particular triggers that can cause person to stray from the path by keeping a food journal.

It is not necessary to exclude particular foods from the diet, consume zero calories, or engage in strenuous exercise to lose weight. It takes sustainably adjusting the everyday routines to lose weight that lasts. Also understand that the little things add up to large effects if learning how to balance the diet, break down the meals, exercise portion management, and other things.

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