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The Benefits of Cardio Workouts That Will Have You Sweating

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

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Breaking a sweat and getting your heart thumping is not something that many people like. But getting in a cardio workout a few times a week is not a bad idea at all. The health benefits attached to the cardio exercises are way above the efforts that you have to put in. Cardio, as many people associate it with weight loss, is so much more of an exercise than just weight loss; cardio exercise engages your whole body in unison hence improving mobility. So, what are the top 10 cardio workouts that will have you sweating?

1- Mountain Climbers:

Don’t worry, and you don’t have to climb a mountain when doing mountain climbing. Mountain climbing is an exercise that engages dominantly your core. The rapid movement of the legs engages the whole body along, resulting in a good cardio workout.

2- High Knees:

The high knee, as the name suggests, is an exercise in which you have to lift your knees up to your chest while being in standing positions. The exercise engages your lower abs.

3- Burpees:

Burpees are an extension of the jumping jacks which you might have done in your school days. The highly engaging exercise engages the whole body.

4- Lunges:

Lunges is a great exercise if you have to focus on your legs and at the same time want to have a good cardio exercise.

5- Inch Worm:

Inchworm is an exercise that is a great cardio workout and focuses more on your shoulders, back, and abs.

6- Rope Jump:

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An exercise with which almost everyone would be familiar is to be rope jump. All you need to buy is a skipping rope and pace the jumps. The exercise is a great cardio workout and engages the whole body at once.

7- Rowing Machine:

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The rowing machine imitates the motion of the rowing boat and turns it to be a great cardio exercise. The rowing machine engages the whole body at once and has a special focus on your legs and shoulders.

8- Jumping Lunge:

Lunges seem to be an easy exercise for you, and then you should surely upgrade yourself to jumping lunges. The jumping lunges require you to jump while you transition from one leg to the other and add to the intense cardio workout.

9- Stair Climber:

The stair climber is like an escalator. It’s essentially a treadmill but has steps. The stiffness and the speed can be adjusted like that of a treadmill.

10- Elliptical:

Another machine-based exercise, the elliptical, induces the same effect as that of running or walking but at the same time reduces any pressure on the joints.

Cardio exercises are a must if a person wants to have an overall strong and effectively mobile body. The cardio exercise at makes you lose weight and at the same time helps you make your heart stronger.

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