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10 Must-Try Exercises for a Stronger Core

Updated: Jun 11

It is important to build a stronger core not only to improve your general fitness but also to make your everyday life easier. These 10 core-strengthening exercises are meant to push you and improve not only your muscle strength but also your balance and stability. This will make sure that your workouts at Hardcore Gym are both effective and fun.

1. The Plank Powerhouse

A traditional option for stabilizing the core is the plank. The correct way to do this exercise is to stand in a forearm plank with your body straight. Brace yourself and maintain this posture. To build core strength in all areas, try side planks or other variations that put your obliques to work. 

2. Dynamic Russian Twists: 

Dynamic Russian Twists

Get down on all fours and sit on the floor. Take a little slouch and stand up straight. Join your palms together and rotate your body in a left-to-right motion, keeping your core engaged the whole time. While doing the twists, grasp a medicine ball for extra resistance.

3. The Bicycle Crunch Challenge

Lay flat on your back, bend at the waist and bring your legs up to a right angle with your hands behind your head. As you extend one leg, touch your elbow to the knee on the other side as if you were cycling. In order to activate the whole abdominal region, this exercise is great.

4. Scaling the Mountain Climber

Start by standing on a high plank. With a strong core to keep you from wobbling, quickly bring one knee up to your chest. This is great for cardio because it strengthens the abs and also gets your heart rate up. 

5. Stability Ball Rollouts

Squat on the floor with your knees bowed and your forearms resting on a stability ball. With perfect form, slowly roll the ball forward while standing as tall as possible, and then slowly bring it back. By actively engaging the core, this movement enhances stability. 

6. The Captain's Chair Leg Raise

The Captain's Chair Leg Raise

Use leg lifts to sculpt your lower abs if you have access to a captain's chair at your gym. Hold on firmly to the handholds, release your body to dangle freely, and bring your knees up to your chest. The core muscles are engaged to their fullest potential by the regulated movement. 

7. Pilates Teaser

Assume a prone position with your legs spread and your arms raised overhead for this difficult Pilates teaser. As you raise your legs and upper body in a V formation, bring your hands to your toes and bend at the waist. This workout both strengthens the core and tests the balance. 

8. Tuck and Roll

The best way to begin is with a high plank. Without touching the floor, bring your knees in toward your chest, roll back to your shoulders, and then bring your feet back to the floor before jumping up. This complex maneuver enhances quickness and stability. 

9. Oblique V-Ups

Position yourself on your side, keeping your body straight and legs slightly elevated off the ground. Raise your upper body and lower body at the same time, reaching for your shins with your hands. Strengthening the oblique muscles in a balanced manner requires alternating sides. 

10. Turkish Get-Up

Start by laying on your back and raising a kettlebell with one hand. Keeping the kettlebell raised, slowly stand up and return to the starting position with caution. Core stability and coordination are both improved by this intricate dance. 


Here at Hardcore Gym, we aim to change the way you think about gyms by combining a dynamic community of members and personal trainers with our unique method of weight training in Sydney. We provide you with the very best trainers, helping in shaping your core to the maximum. Every workout is different and successful because these exercises combine our functional training concept with self-defense.

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