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The term functional fitness is used to promote the idea that strength training and muscle memory built during workouts will translate to an individual’s day-to-day life. Functional training helps a person achieve strength, mobility, and balance which increases the overall fitness of the person, and his strength and also increases the person's ability to live a higher quality life. The basic fundamental or notion of functional training is that a person should feel better overall than just looking a certain way. The prerequisites of functional training are just to have a mindset clear of what one wants to achieve. If a person has a vision of, what is he trying to achieve then the functional training movements can be zoned down to what is being tried to achieve.

Functional training comes with multiple benefits. Improved strength, more mobility, and improved balance are the most important ones amongst the benefits of functional training. Functional training makes the body more agile and flexible; it increases stamina and also makes sure that the body is more injury-proof.

The main reason that people opt for functional training over machine-based training modules is that functional training uses the body to train itself to grow stronger. You may not have those big bulgy muscles post the functional training sessions but what you will surely have is a very strong core with very high stamina. The flexibility and agility that your body will possess post functional training will be way beyond what you can achieve from machine-based training.

The exercise programs which are designed for functional training are very specific to a person's needs. A person may have a very strong core but might lack some strength in his legs, so the exercise program will be drafted as such that the muscles of the legs are indulged as much as they can be, squats and running with a dead weight tied to your belt may be included in your exercise routine. This will make sure that you have equivalent strength throughout your body and that your body can achieve all physical obstacles easily.

Exercise programs with functional training will take your body to be more like an athlete – lean but very strong. Once your core is developed then your body automatically becomes resistant to injuries and this will help you lead a happier and fitter life. People with functional training programs are said to have better body vitals and have lesser chances of having health-related issues. Functional training strengthens not only your core but also the heart by making sure that it is being trained to handle even the toughest of situations.

Functional training is the best way to achieve your fitness goals, it makes your body more strong and lean, and more agile than your regular machine-based exercise. It helps you lead a less injury-prone life with greater physical health.

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