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Introducing Burpee Variations to Maximize Your Results and Boost Your Fitness Levels

Updated: Apr 26

Burpee Variations to Progress Your Fitness

When you don't have any equipment on hand, this full-body exercise is effective. Consider what you're doing: a squat, a plank, a second squat, and then a powerful jump. Every time you descend to the floor for a set, your upper and lower bodies are exerting a lot of effort. In addition to being a wonderful cardio exercise, burpees work your quads, glutes, core, chest, back, and shoulders. Therefore, the following burpee variations are for you to try to advance your fitness.

● Standard burpee:

The quadriceps, glutes, hams, shoulders, chest, triceps, quads, and core muscles are just a few of the lower and upper body muscle groups that basic burpee works and activates.

To carry out this variant:

  • Stand tall, your shoulders back, your chest out, and your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Start by pushing downward while keeping your spine neutral. Hinge your hips back.

  • With your arms straight and your wrist tucked under your shoulder, lower your hands to the ground.

  • You end up in a high plank position when both feet are straight behind you after exerting some force. Consciously maintain a straight line with your body.

  • Draw your stomach in to activate your abs. Put your elbows down to perform a push-up from this position. Maintain impeccable form.

  • To resume a high plank position, push back.

  • Reposition your feet beneath your palms, kick them back under you, and then launch into a powerful stationary jump.

  • Repeat

The Superman burpee:

In addition to shaping your muscles, the Superman burpee enhances your posture, muscular endurance, mobility, and explosive strength.

How to perform the Superman burpee:

  • Put your shoulders over your hips, your chest forward, and your feet shoulder-width apart when you stand.

  • Drop your hands to the floor in the traditional burpee position while maintaining a straight spine.

  • Maintaining alignment throughout, lower yourself into the push-up posture. Spread your arms out straight in front of you while you lie facedown on your chest.

  • Lift your legs off the ground while maintaining a neutral neck until you feel a slight rounding and contraction

  • Constricting your abs will help you engage your core. Put pressure on your glutes while drawing your shoulder blades together.

  • For two seconds, maintain this posture.

  • Push through your heels straight to a jump as you lower your limbs and erupt upright.

Burpee star jump:

With this variation, your quads are largely worked, but your abs, hip abductors, back muscles, chest, deltoids, forearms, shoulders, glutes, and triceps are also involved.

To perform the star jump burpee:

  • As you stand, keep your shoulders back, arms by your sides, and feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Bend at the knees while pivoting backward so that your palms are on the ground.

  • Kick out your rear foot and drop yourself into a push-up stance at the same time.

  • Push yourself to a standing position by kicking your legs beneath your hips. Jump rapidly, raise your hands above your head, and spread your legs as wide as you can laterally all at once.

  • Repeat after softly landing.

Burpee with weights: This version, which is only available to athletes who dare to accept the challenge, adds more resistance to the already challenging standard burpee. However, this resistance activates all the major and some smaller muscle groups, assisting you in gaining mass to give yourself a more shredded appearance.

How to perform a weighted burpee

  • With your arms by your side, hold a dumbbell in each hand with a pronated grip.

  • Enter the typical burpee movements by squatting, kicking your legs back into a high plank, and lowering your body into a push-up.

  • Maintain a straight spine, a balanced physique, and a tight core.

  • As you raise yourself, bring your legs together and propel yourself forward through your heels.

  • Pushing inside yourself while maintaining your arms by your sides

  • Repeat with a comfortable landing.

No matter whatever resistance you choose, it's crucial to stay within your limits to avoid getting caught. Hardcore Gym can be of assistance to you in this situation. You can be confident that they will assist you in getting the most out of your time and energy thanks to their specialized equipment and staff.

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